In 1986 I graduated with a degree in commercial art.  Back then, design work was all paste-up, no digital platforms were available. I started designing logos for small companies and selling wildlife art to screen printers in Florida.  Having a background in photography, I would photograph the wildlife then draw it. .

In 1995, I started learning Corel Draw 5.  I would created vector art designs and logos daily for many different companies.  As a graphic designer,I want the best looking design in the least amount of time.
I started my photography career while in my early teens .  I saved up my money mowing lawns and bought my first camera, a Yashica Tl Electro 35 mm.   One of my uncles worked for Kodak and I was able to learn a lot from his experiences.   Also, an aunt was a photographer, so I had plenty of help and positive influences growing up.

By high school I had my own darkroom. I was teaching myself how to control dramatic light, soft and hard.

In 2002 I started Earth Bound Art, Photography and Graphics.

I have moved and lived in many different states and have worked with many different companies. From Tampa to
Tennessee, to Minnesota, to Chicago and now North
Carolina. Each time growing and learning more and more.

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio.

Stephen Schultz